Thursday, April 16, 2009

27 weeks- 3RD TRMESTER!

Yeh, we are getting pretty big now.heh.
We are officially in the home straight.The final trimester.It feels so strange being here already.We have 11 weeks to go until he is here and these last 6 or so months have really just flown by.
This week consisted of shopping and planning.
The shopping took us off to ToysRUs to buy Carters mattress for his cot, and while we were there we picked up our first boxes of nappies.2 jumbo boxes at that.
There were also a few little items of clothing that were too hard to resist for the price they were on sale for, and a very cute throw blanket which i decided is perfect for everyday int he pram.

Outside of shopping for him, we planned a trip to Kempsey for the ANZAC day weekend for Aaron and I to see his family, since it will probably be the last trip we make before Carter arrives due to it being so many hours away.
Aside from that we organised and booked the truck to bring our things from Sydney up here and hopefully they arrive within the week, then we can put his cot and change table together and really feel like we are making some progress towards his arrival.

Week 27
Your little one's brain continues its rapid growth. Don't forget to share music, conversation, and even books with your baby!
Response to sound grows more consistent toward the end of the seventh month, when the network of nerves to the ear is complete. Your baby's hearing continues to develop, he or she may start to recognize your voice as well as your partner's.
Lungs continue to grow and prepare for functioning outside of the womb. Each day in the womb greatly increases survival rates!
He also continues to take small breaths and although he's only breathing in water and not air, it's still good practice for when he's born.
Eyelids are now open more. Your baby can distinguish between light and dark.
Retinas have formed.
Your baby will grow over an inch this week alone! You may suspect this phenomenal growth rate repeats in the preteen years!
Average size is now 14.4 inches (36.6cm) and 1.9 pound (875gm).


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