Friday, May 30, 2008

It all starts somewhere...

I've never done this sort of thing before.
I mean, i have had a Myspace for about 50 years and have written a few blogs on that about random crap i thought at early hours of the morning after too much coffee, but not something that is completely viewable content, strictly on my life.
But, i have come to realise that there are too many people out of the know, (alot of that being Aaron's family and friends, my extended family and my Mum) purely because of distance, so this is for you guys.
I hope that you can enjoy "some" of this and it can make up for Aaron forgetting to wake up and switch on the communication button which he ever so often does and my lack of, well...knowing you enough to pick up the phone myself and ramble on a conversation from both of us.
I hope as well that this will give you a little more insight into the whirlwind that came along and stole him away, that is me.

This blog is going to be filled with everything thats anything...but mostly it will be our trying to conceive journey,our struggles, our stresses,because well, thats probably the biggest hurdle we have in our lives so far, and what is being concentrated on more than anything. So if your not all that interested in hearing ALOT about baby stuff...escape while you

For those of you who stay and follow our journey, welcome, stay as long as you want.

This is the new telphone i guess...

"ring ring"

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