Friday, April 3, 2009

25 weeks and a baby shower!

Carter and I set off for a trip to Sydney, back home to see friends and family and to attend my baby shower that was being held at my Aunts house.The week wasnt great, but the baby shower was alot of fun and am glad it went so well.It was great to see some family again that i have not seen in a long time,(some years infact!) and to have a day about me, and Carter and noone got spoilt by everyone with some wonderful things.Soooo many clothes and things like that, i will have so much washing to do before he comes!I love it all though! He is certainly going to be a very well dressed child thats for sure.Very fashionable even at a few days old.heh.Its os amazing how people get themselves so excited about a new baby coming.It makes you feel very special and appreciate them alot.

Here are a few pictures...there are more to come.
His first ever VANS! :), from his godmother (whom has spoilt him beyond belief and is sure to go broke before he is even here!)

Week 25
The structures of the spine begin to form--
Joints, ligaments and rings. These will protect the all important spinal cord which serves as the information transmitter for your child's body.
Blood vessels of the lungs develop.
Your baby's nostrils begin to open. There is a study out of Belfast that suggests babies at this stage have the capability of scent preferences!
The nerves around the mouth and lip area are showing more sensitivity now. When baby is rooting for food later on, these will be valuable!
His swallowing reflexes are developing.
Dexterity is improving. Your baby can make a fist and would clasp objects placed in palm.
Your child has now obtained an approximate length of 13.6 inches (34.6cm) and weighs 1.46 pound (660gm).


Heidi said...

Stacey- It looks like you had a great shower. I am so happy you were able to fly home before Carter's arrival and spend time with family and friends... I love those little baby Vans too.

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