Friday, April 3, 2009

26 weeks

So i arrived back in Sydney this week, as much as i didnt want to!! There was non stop rain and i was so afraid to get on the plane, and as it just so happens, with good cause too, the turbulence was terrible and i almost threw up at one stage, but thankfully i didnt and i arrived safe at GC airport to the wonderful smiling face of my fiance.
It was so good to see him after the terrible week i had,had.I think i hugged him for a good solid 5 mins without letting go before we even got out of the walkway.heh.
The week got full on straight away, with an OB appointment very early the next morning.It came with the good news that my cervix is really holding up fantastically and everything looks really great! Dr and i discussed what we will do in the coming weeks, and the plan is that we will continue to check my cervix for the reasons we have been until i hit 32-34 weeks, then we will just let nature take its course and if Carter decides to come early then they will do nothing to prevent it as his chances are good enough for survival...i still want him to be in there until the c-section date though...i want him to bake properly and get as strong as he can before he comes.

But, its at least good to know that basically in about 6 weeks or so we can sit back and relax, and know that things should go well from there on in.
Annnnnnnd i wont have to be poked and prodded!! Hooray! lol. I feel like thats all this pregnancy has been about, now i want to focus on him, his growth, his size and what he is up to.

We had a special ultrasound this week too, it was all put on video and Carter looked amazing and he was so photogenic.He was laying perfectly all the time even though he was kicking and carrying on!We got some wonderful footage of his face, he has chubby little cheeks and we saw his eyelids squeezed shut and he yawned, also he definitely so far has Aarons nose!!its the exact shape.once i get around to it i will try and post a bit of it.But i need to get it transferred to disk.He is 2 pounds,1 ounce (935grams)and measuring right on track.He is just below average for his gestational age,I do not think he will be a crazy big baby.which i'm glad about.He was such a good boy.
We have definitely had some changes this week, i am constantly tired, and yet cannot sleep at night.He never stops kicking and moving around, he is quite high alot of the time and i have trouble breathing, coughing and sneezing.My belly is exactly like a soccer ball has been eaten and its constantly obvious i am quite a fair way into this.I am always having random people asking me how long i have left now...not expecting it to still be 12 well...

Week 26

Your baby may weigh about 2 pounds now (average is 1.7 pound, 760gm) and is 14 inches (35.6cm) in length
To support the fetus's growing body, the spine is getting stronger and more supple. Though no longer than the span of the average adult hand, it is now made up of 150 joints, 33 rings, and some 1,000 ligaments.
Air sacs in the lungs form now.
Lungs begin to secrete a greasy substance called surfactant. Without surfactant the fetal lungs would stick together and couldn't expand after the baby is born.
Although they've been sealed shut for the last few months, your baby's eyes are opening and beginning to blink this week. Depending on ethnicity, some babies will be born with blue or gray-blue eyes (which may change color in the first 6 months of life) and some will be born with brown or dark eyes.
Retinas begin to form.
Brain wave activity for hearing and sight begins to be detectable.
Fetal brain scans show response to touch. If you shine a light on your abdomen, your baby will turn his head, which according to researchers, means his optic nerve is working.


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Glad to hear he is doing so great!!! :)

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