Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swimming up-hill

We had hoped that we were going to be able to focus everything we could on me during this, after all, its my body thats messed up, but one simple test changed everything...
We now are dealing with "Male Factor" as well. Yeh, his guys arent the next Ian Thorpe thats for sure. This was always a concern, because as far as i have researched up to 40% of males suffer from it in some form or another.
We found this out in early February of this year, and we now have to have a follow up every 3 months to check how its going. As you can imagine Aaron hates this, but he understands that its a very important factor.
We arent completely out of this though, there ARE some guys there, not enough for anyone to be too happy with, but they arent the best quality.On top of the low count itself,(under 9 million) motility is very concerning, as 40% of the entire collection was NON-motile.
So this basically means, there are little sperm there, and of the ones that are there only 34% are formed correctly (have tails etc), however only 55% of those can even swim, but they dont have the strength to get to where they need to go,(sluggish) and the other part of them arent formed at all, and would probably be too busy doing doughnuts on the spot instead of realising they have a job to do.
So it looks and sounds pretty grin atm. But we have just had a follow up done this week and are hoping that things have improved.
Aaron can no longer enjoy a daily cup of coffee and hasnt for quite some time now, for both of us, who are ex caffine addicts, something like coffee is a treat now haha.
After we receive the results, my Dr will go over them and decide on the next plan of action. It will be one of two things...
IUI (Intrauterine insemination / artificial insemination) or if it comes back worse off...
IVF (In vitro fertilization).
We are really hoping we dont need either.


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