Friday, June 6, 2008

Where do babies come from?

the state of being unable to produce offspring; in a woman it is an inability to conceive; in a man it is an inability to impregnate.

There are alot of factors that make every bit of this journey a hard one, alot harder than most people would know, understand, or even imagine.Some of you know about our infertility issues and some dont. For those that have some understanding i hope you can read along and keep up, and those that dont i hope that i can make myself make enough sense that you can at least grasp a little of the bigger picture and roll with it as best you can.

People fall in love, get married and have babies. Thats the way its meant to go isnt it?
Well its 2008 now and the way that things were "meant to go", doesnt turn out to be the way people live thier lives anymore. "Accidents" happen, weddings have runaway brides, the love of your life turns out to have a husband,wife, or both for that matter, you finally realise that, that dream home you had planned is never going to be an option, and some of us even more unfortunate ones, have a little thing called "infertilty", and it seems, funny enough, that this "little" thing, is much more of a big thing than you can even begin to imagine.

For those of you who never have to go through this, you will never understand the heartache and stress that comes with it, and for those of you who have gone through it, whether it be due to PCOS or another form of infertility, i feel your every desire to rid yourself of the hurdles and struggles that we go through everyday of our lives.

For those not up to speed, i have a "syndrome" called
PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I found out i had this at the age of 13 (which is VERY early to be diagnosed, most women who suffer from this dont know they have it until they are trying to concieve and have been unsuccessful) my ob/gyn discovered this while performing a couple of operations for something else. Up until the last few years i havent paid all that much attention to it, the not having your period for 6 month to a year never really fazed me because i,like most other girls and women would if you didnt think it was wrong, thought it was a blessing most of the time.I have never suffered from weight gain, and have always been very lean. I have battled eating disorders since as far back as i can remember and never managed to let myself put any more than i thought "looked ok" , so i was never concerned with that side of it either.What did i need to care about if i ovulated or not? What did i need to care about Diabetes for if i wasnt overweight?

Now its one of the main focus points in my life.Its not a pretty thing to have and its something that is incurable, and sadly i will battle with it for life.I could be here all day to talk about it but i wont, i will just hope that the link will give you enough information and anything else you need, Google is just one click away.


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