Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hitting 1st Base

Well we have officially started fertility treaments this month.
And when i say treatments, i mean ones actually prescribed by a Dr.haha.
Since some of you may know, ive done it all natural up until this point...the herbs, and oils and...menopause tablets...yeh...that was an interesting try thats for!
From various checks over the last few months from blood tests and ultrasounds my dr and a have come to the conclusion that i DO infact ovulate on my own when my body is ok with it...but it is far to late for it to matter when it does.
A normal womens cycle is 28 or 35 days,and ovulation occurs around day 14. Mine are going 60+ and i have averaged ovulation on the days of the 40's, with the last one being day 49.
Which basically means on top of everything else, there is only 1/2 the a chance of this working throughout a year, or 6 times a year as opposed ot the normal woman having 12 chances.Thats even if my body decides to do it!
This is no good, as alot of fertilisation depends on egg quality, but it isnt entirey bad, we just need to get me ovulating regularly.
And so i have been prescribed the fertility pill
"Clomid" (which is designed to make you ovulate) and i took that this month...and what do you know... it worked! day 19 this body of mine decided to act like a normal person and now we just sit.....and.....wait.....
My mum went on the fertility pill to have me and got lucky the first month in. I dont think that will be the case for us, but we can only hope i guess.
The pill is evil.haha.
Its like going through early menopause or something.
Here is a list of side effects...

ovarian enlargement presenting as abdominal or pelvic pain, tenderness, pressure, or swelling
hot flushes
nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
breast tenderness or discomfort
blurred vision or other visual disturbances
abnormal uterine bleeding
ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) has been reported to occur in patients receiving clomiphene. Symptoms of OHSS include swelling of the hands or legs, abdominal pain and swelling, shortness of breath, weight gain, and nausea or vomiting. OHSS can be fatal.

...and of course, me being me. i copped it all.(with the exception of OHSS) it was terrible week while taking it. i suffered the worst case of vertigo all day and night, while standing or laying down, the hot flushes were ridiculous and the constant headache drove me mad.
So much so that i was actually booked in to have a head CT scan done because of how bad it all got, only to find out i ovulated the day before and therefore didnt want to take the risk of damaging the little egg.

All in all it felt like, what i imagine going through menopause feels like x10.
If it had not have worked, i wasnt going to do it again...

lucky it did.
So the plan my Dr and i have is, with the exception of this next sperm analysis coming back poor. This is the plan for the next 3 months, then if no luck, i am going into hospital to have a
laparoscopy to check me for endometriosis as this is a great concern to both me and my Dr due to previous operations and scar tissue already being there.
again...i hope we dont get that far.


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