Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WE ARE PREGNANT!!.........finally!

Arent they just wonderful?? :)
We are officially pregnant and could not be happier. After months and months of hard work and hormones and horrible tears we have met our goal.
I got that first test 2 days before AF was due and it is perfectly dark as of today, today makes 4 weeks pregnant.woo!
Yesterday Aaron and I got fitted into my ob/gyn at the last minute and he requested blood samples off me to check how low or high my hormone levels are and to make sure my progesterone was at a good strong level, and he booked us in for our first ultrasound on thursday 6th November at 12pm :)
I am sooo nervous and excited to see whats going on in there.
Aaron is convinced that it is going to be twins and apparently has been all along this cycle, (as well as deciding that he "knew" i was pregnant over a week ago") lol. My dr thinks there is a very high chance there are two in there because of the way things are going.
I'm excited either way, but freaking out that it is going to disappear on me and i wont see anything, no little dot (s) on the screen, my dr is convinced he will be able to see a heartbeat (s) on the day of my ultrasound...i'm nt holding my breath, i think it will be too early.
So now we just wait...sit back, try to relax and wait until we see what we have created.
I get my first bloodtests back tomorrow, and i have another one done tomorrow to make sure my quantitive levels are close to doubling every 48 hours, which is the best indication that things are going good. fingers crossed they are nice and high and this little bean sticks, and grows into a happy healthy baby...or babies :)
Aaron is offically spastic for my Dr, he really rates him highly, and thats so good.
Just as we walked out the other day the Dr said "congrats" and Aaron's face lit up and he smiled really big, he said that eharing it from the Dr made it so much more different.
It was very cute.

Oh and the receptionist is being s nice to me now! Maybe because she knows she will have to put up with me more regularily or something, i dont know, but i hated her and now she is bareable.lol.
This is going o be the slowest time of my life...with each day comes another worry or concern.Until the baby is big enough to feel on a daily basis i wont rest, and even then i wont rest if i dont feel it as much one day to the next.lol.
We are planning our wedding and now the baby will be here before even then!!
So much of me wonders how we will even do it all, but we are both smart people, and we have survived this far...we reached our first goal, i'm sure we can reach the rest :)

We are going to take as much help and support from friends and family as we can get, and we hope that it\they are spoilt enough until the wedding is out of the way and we can spoil them more ourselves.
We will be due 7th july (just before my 25th birthday!).
But will inevitably give birth in June as it will be an automatic c-section. This gives us approx 3 months between birth and the wedding, and after my recovery time we should have about a month to go.
The only hassle about this is the fact that i will not be able to order my dress until the very last minute because i will not know how much post baby weight i will shed.
Lets hope it all comes together!

Weeks One through Four
Ovulation occurs - The time is right; now you just need this egg to be fertilized!
Conception occurs - Did you know that during your
that your uterus will increase its capacity by 1000 times?!
Gender is determined - Immediately upon fertilization your little one is set as a boy or a girl. Ladies, this is one that you can't take credit for since it is up to the sperm to determine the sex of your baby. Sperm carries either a "X" (girl) chromosome or a "Y" (boy) chromosome. (*Hint:* You will have to hold off on picking out the pink or blue until at least the second trimester when the gender will be visible via
Implantation - Some spotting (also known as implantation bleeding) may occur about 10 - 14 days after
. You may believe you are starting your period but generally this bleeding is extremely light and lasts only a day or so.
Neural tube forms - It will develop into the nervous system (Brain, spinal cord, hair, and skin). Already your baby has the foundation for thought, senses, feeling, and more!
Heart and primitive circulatory system rapidly form - While still in its beginning stages, this is the very life support system that will carry your
throughout his or her life.


Alicia said...

WOOT! Congrats guys! I am so happy for you both! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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