Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bloodwork Results

So on tuesday i had my first blood drawn to confirm evreything and to see how my levels were...
HCG was 36 and Progesterone was 130. I am pregnant.
I wanted the HCG to be higher but it was still within normal. The progesterone leaves me a bit curious as it is extremely high for this early on, that is 2nd trimester high, and i am not on any suppliments.This could very well indicate that i realeased more than one much of me wishes i had have taken the drs offers to look the other day to see how many i dropped.

Well i got my 2nd bloodwork back today, HCG is 93...the first was 36 ,2 days i dont know. it just seems so low.the stupid woman on the phone to my dr with the results said that meant i wasnt pregnant and my dr told her to work out how to do her job, because it has almost tripled.i feel horrible it really scared me and now its all i can think about and i want to kill her,whoever she is.He saw that i was upset and assured me that they count it as anything over 2 is pregnant.i was just hoping for a massive rise, to feel really safe behind.He said it is very low, and that i need to take it very easy for a couple of weeks...practically do nothing, but that it looks good that it has more than doubled,( its actually x2.6)my progesterone is at 120. He told me that will fluctuate...i just dont know...
the test i took today at home had the test line stronger than the control line which made me feel a little at ease.Its the darkest it has been yet.
I am already very very fatigued and i get bad nausea mainly in the afternoons-night, i find myself needing to snack alot or my hypoglycemia acts up really badly, i get shaky and faint i am also always dehydrated.
I'm a bit scared of the fact that i am already feeling pretty lousy alot of the time and its so very better not get beyond bareable.I have alot of aches and pains and cramps today and its freaking me out.

thursday really cannot come any faster, i am offically a wreck in my own head.

Please stick little bean(s)!


Alicia said...

((HUGS))) Sending you sticky vibes babe xoxox

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