Monday, March 16, 2009

22 weeks.

We moved house this week. We are still living with mum and Iain but we moved into a nice house with more space etc.
Carter now has his own little room, which hopefully we can set up in the next month or so to see what we still need to buy.
We no longer have our massive TV in our bedroom either which is fantastic.
I am happy and pleased to have a wonderful kitchen to cook in since i prefer doing that to just knocking stuff up or going out to eat.
We should have some good times here.
But of course, its still only temporary for us, in our minds at least. Once Carter is here and i am doing better after the c-section and we know what its like to have a newborn etc, the search will be on for our own place and a decision on where we want to move our little family to.
But for now, we are here and making things work :)

Aside from that, there has been nothing but drama with my Dad and his GF this week! Plans got fucked around because "she" isnt happy with a few situations (that in everyone who knows abouts, opinion, she shouldnt even have an opinion as yet).
I mean its been bad enough that Aaron has had a hard time with a few things on his side that he is still very very upset and angry about, but now mine had to start too?? It seems like it never ends, and it seems like people will never change.
It seems like really, that's life, like it or not.
Anyways, we have our baby on the way, and all we really care about is his health and the health of both of us. I think so much of either of us thought we would need more help than we have gotten, not financially, but emotionally through this as we haven't stepped foot in these new waters before ever.
But it turns out, the more and more that Aaron and i talk, that we realise we can do this alot more on our own. I think we are going to be great parents, i really do, we are forever discussing how we would like things to be, what sort of an upbringing we are going to try and give him, and certain goals we would like to achieve that we consider to make good parents.
I'm very excited to be doing this with him, and he is getting more and more excited as the days go by which is even more exciting for me again! lol.
I think our little boy is going to go ok, i think he is going to get all the knowledge he needs for life from both of our experiences. we have both had very different upbringings, and very different childhoods and teen years, different friends and interests. He is going to get alot from both of us and i hope he loves us for it all.
Some cute cothes we have ought for him, he will look like such a little man.

Week 22
Your baby weighs close to a pound at this point!
Your baby can now hear your conversations more clearly than before!. When you talk, read, or sing, expect her to hear you. Studies have found that newborns will suck more vigorously when read to from a book they heard frequently in utero.
Eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed.
Fingernails have grown to the end of the fingers.
Be prepared for all those "Why" questions coming! Your baby's brain has entered a stage of rapid growth, especially in what's called the germinal matrix. This structure deep in the middle of the brain serves as a kind of factory for brain cells and disappears shortly before birth. But the brain's amazing expansion program continues until around the five birthday.
With some help from mom, baby's liver is starting to break down bilirubin, a substance produced by red blood cells.
If your baby is male his testes begin their descent to the scrotum.
Primitive sperm have formed and he is producing testosterone.
Length is 10.94 inches (27.8cm); weight is nearly 1 pound (430gm).


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