Wednesday, March 4, 2009

21 weeks.

It was a busy week for us this week.We had two appointments, first was with the GC hospital, to register in and to discuss a few options and my medical history from the operations etc.
I officially cannot stand the GC hospital, and really wish i had another choice of where to go to have this little boy.After sitting for about 2 hours, having some god awful jealous stares from other pregnant woman without partners there because we are quite close and have fun and smile and are genuinely excited, we were finally seen by a midwife (who had a medical student with her)...she got me on a table and tried to find Carter's heartbeat by the Doppler...she obviously had no idea for a while what was going on as there was nothing but gushing waters my head i was laughing, because i could feel him kicking around and knew he was OK.She decided the machine was crap, and as soon as she did this there was the sound i had not heard yet...his little heart beating away.It was in a healthy range of the 150's and sounded so amazing.I had been waiting to hear it as none of my Dr's visits had my Dr used a Doppler at all as they are always u/s.
The med student then tried to get my fundal length and apparently it was spot on...again, not too sure he knew what he was doing let alone if it was right or not.
A long story short, she scheduled me in for 36 weeks to arrange the c-section and delivery...yes, nothing in between?? Apparently i just need to see my Dr as he is taking most of the care of me...We wont even go into just how pissed off both Aaron and i were about the whole situation and the way they were approaching it. I mean there are so many risks associated with this pregnancy, and they are dealing with it in a way of basically waiting until i am going into labour to decide what to do.No prep or reassurance for us beforehand, no, just hey, IF you make it to 36 weeks, we will see you then, if not, here is the emergency door, make your way there and we will deal with it then! ha!
Then we went up stair and had a little tour around, the lady that did this with us was so full of everything bean like it wasn't even funny,!
She then sat us down and discussed a little about what my history was, what i thought my options were....blah blah blah, then proceeded to tell me, or suggest to me that i try to have a normal vaginal birth????!!!
yes, yes....that's going to be wise now isn't it.
She asked me if that's what i would want, (which of course, yes, if i HAD A CHOICE that's what i would do, no correction IF I HAD A CHOICE i would have my baby at home without the hospital, without drugs and without a complication in the world), but no, i said, for 12 years i have been told, by 4 separate Dr's that i WILL NOT be having, nor should try to have, a vaginal birth as it is impossible.
She then proceeded to ask Aaron what his opinion was on the subject and of course, knowing my history also, he had the same things to say as i did.
She would not let up on this at all and even until we left was still in suggestion mode for it...clearly not understanding the situation, nor bothering to check my history to see that the option is not even there.UGH! M.O.R.O.N.S!
Anyway, we left the hospital completely dissatisfied, but at least have an idea of the way things may go down, that being of course, that we will probably not have the greatest time with these people when this baby boy is ready to come into the world.
The next day i had my regular appointment with my Dr, my cervix looked good, baby was doing his thing, and Dr Dunn was not at all surprised by the way we were treated at the hospital.
I now see him on the 20th, and then every 2 weeks after that until i hit 32 or so weeks, then weekly (unless something goes wrong beforehand), he will relay as much information as he can tot he morons at the hospital, and we will just keep our fingers crossed that Carter stays in there until he is Due so we don't have to deal with them in between.

Week 21
White blood cells are under production. Leukocytes (or white blood cells) form our body's defense system. They help fight infections and diseases. Your little one's skin has changed from translucent to become more opaque. Your infant's tongue is fully formed. If you were able to peek you might catch your son or daughter practicing giving you a raspberry! If your baby is a girl, her womb and vagina are formed. Unlike males, females have a limited supply of eggs in their lifetime. At this point your daughter will have 6 million eggs. This amount decreases to approximately one million by birth. Baby swallows more this week. After your baby takes in amniotic fluid, his body absorbs the water in the liquid and moves the rest into the large bowel. This is good practice for his digestive system! Wake and sleep periods become more consistent. Some research suggests that baby sets her internal clock to match the outside world's even before birth! Your eating and sleeping habits as well levels of light and noise serve as her signals. Length is now measured crown to heel. Baby measures about 10.51 inches (26.7cm) and weighs nearly 12.7 ounces (360g).


Heidi said...

Stacey- I cannot believe you are 21 weeks already. Time really does fly by. Whoa... It is really exciting thought that little Carter will be here before you know it :)

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