Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 16

This week we decided to drive to the hospital to have a look around and book in since my Dr had given me my referal letter.
Yeh thats wasnt going to was seriously no parking anywhere, and even if there was we really didnt know where to go.
We went shopping instead :) We managed to get into a little bit of a sale at Target, and we got my nappy bag, which is great and has everything, plenty of space and pockets etc, and we were quite happy to find it and purchase it. I just hope it matches the pram :S We also bought the babies first "toys". They are two hanging animals (a turtle and a duck) to hang from the pram to keep babies eyes occupied. They are very very cute.
Anyway, after a lonnnng day out and heat that we could not handle any longer we came home and i booked in with the antenatal team at the hospital on the phone and am now waiting for them to phone me back with my first appointment with them.We also booked in to see Dr Dunn after the Anatomy scan is done for him to check my cervix and see how thats going and to book all of my appointments in advance now since i'm technically half way depending on what baby does.

Week 16
Fat begins to form underneath skin, providing your baby with insulation for the coming months.
Did you know that both baby and placenta are now about the same size?
Your little one has reached 4.57 inches (11.6cm) and approximately 3.53 ounces (100gm).
His head and neck are held straighter now.
This is a week of "mights!" You might hear the tiny thumps of his heartbeat with an external monitor now. The genitals are developed sufficiently that an experienced sonographer might be able to determine if your baby is a boy or a girl.
Her heart is pumping as much as 6 gallons of blood a day and beats at a rate about double your heart rate.
If you could take a peek inside, you would witness your child's reflexes in action! (Sucking, swallowing and blinking are now evident.) She is probably even hiccuping even though you don't feel it yet!
Your baby has learned to breathe! This is apparent from the regular movements of his chest. Isn't it amazing that he is able to breathe "underwater," inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid? These actions help the lungs to develop and grow.


Alicia said...

WOOHOO 16weeks! ah.... I miss being preg, enjoy it while you can babe :)

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