Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week 15

This week we got to see baby again quickly at my cervix check with the Dr.
Aaron got to come since he wasnt working and everything looked great. My cervix was a stable 35mm (10mm down from the last but hopefully it wont go down more and stay around this size), and baby was active and looking great.
The baby was head down, bum up and back turned to
We are booked in for the big anatomy scan at 19 weeks (9th February) and this will also mark half way for us...and this is when we will finally find out what the little bugger is...Girl or Boy??
Everyone is really starting to guess and i cant wait to see who is ont he money or not.
Time will tell...Ive still got ym fingers crossed for a boy, but think its a girl.

Week 15
You may begin to feel some fluttering movements as baby kicks, flails, twists and turns (but don't panic if you don't yet). She can also grasp, squint, frown, grimace and maybe suck her thumb!
Your baby's legs have grown longer than the arms and the body is now longer than the head.
And you'll be happy to note that he is moving those arms and legs often!
His skin is very thin -- so thin blood vessel are visible. It's covered by a fine, soft layer of hair called lanugo. Lanugo comes from a Latin word meaning "down." This hair is thought to help insulate your little boy.
The three tiny bones in his middle ear have begun to harden. The auditory centers in your baby's brain haven't developed yet, so she might not really understand what you say but her hearing capacity is in the process of developing.
Fingernails and toenails are growing.
Eyebrows are beginning to grow and even the hair his head is sprouting. It will probably change color and texture after birth.
All this and your little one is an amazing 3.98 inches (10.1cm) long and may weigh 2.47 ounces (70gm).


Alicia said...

Gosh it has gone fast!! Almost 16 wekks already!

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