Friday, November 21, 2008

7weeks and a little flicker of hope

So yesterday we had our 2nd ultrasound, this was the big one to check there was a heartbeat and that things were looking good.
Well there certainly was that little flicker that was a heartbeat and it looks so great!
Baby is now 9mm but is measuring slightly behind on days, is only 6w6w not 7w2d as he/she should be. The heartrate was 135 which is in a great range.
I'm concerned about the measurements being out but i ahve heard plenty of ladies stories where the next appontment the baby had caught up or even grown over i hope thats the case.
Our next appointment will be with the antenatal team to have a
nuchal scan and bloodwork done, this is something that i requested and is to check for down syndrome by checking the fluid around the neck as babies with excess fluid are at risk of downs.So that will be done at about 12 weeks.
We can opt for the extra money ($270 as opposed to $90 for the standard test) to get 3d pictures of the baby, but we will decide that depending on what i want since it doesnt interest Aaron in the slightest

Week 7
Elbows form - Again, taking a peek inside you could see your baby's fascination with bending and flexing. Later you will swear you can enlist your child as the star of the next "Karate Kid" movie!
Fingers start to develop - These digits often become your baby's first toy!
Feet start to appear with tiny notches for the toes - It is fascinating that at less than a half inch, your little guy (or gal) already is leaving "footprints" on your heart!
Ears eyes and nose start to appear - Although they may resemble an alien life form, these all "shift" soon enough into a more normal appearance.
Intestines start to form in the umbilical cord - Did you know that initially the intestines are not formed inside your baby's body?

Teeth begin to develop under the gums - Thankfully, right now you won't be dealing with teething pain!


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