Tuesday, November 11, 2008

6 Weeks and planning a wedding.

So this week we jetted off to Newcastle to have a look at some ideas for the wedding, where we might have it etc.It wasnt the greatest trip as morning sickness/nausea all day decided to kick in for me just after i got off the plane and has been there ever since, all day, all night.ugh.We spent alot of time driving between venues, the area around the wineries is very pretty, but it feels like its such a big drive, such a massive area of land to cover.We spent a wonderful time at Hunter Valley Gardens, we managed to get in for free, i dont know how, but we didnt complain.lol.After we spent all the time we needed in the Hunter, we took ourselves and our hire car for a trip to stay with Aarons family, which was quite nice and relaxing, and if i had have been feeling better i would have enjoyed myself alot more.Then it was time to drive home and so we made the 6 hour journey back here, i ended up driving the whole trip, it was such a smooth run.Not much else has been going on in the 6th week so far, the day before we left for newcastle i took a tumble on the tiles at home and thought for sure the pregnancy was pver as i ended up cramping for a good while, but everything seems to be going ok, i hope...its uneventful really,except the sickness, which i could easily live without.

Week Six

The arms and legs continue to develop - These limbs are stretching out more and more. Later on you will be feeling those feet and elbows up close and personal right in your bladder! Brain is growing well - Did you know that over the course of the remaining months that your baby's brain will develop over 100 billion neurons? This is just the beginning! Lenses of the eyes appear - If you could catch a glimpse inside, you would notice your baby's appearance becoming increasing like a newborn's. Nostrils are formed - The position of the nose seems to shift into its proper place as well. Soon, the nerves running from the nose to the brain appear. Intestines grow - Initially these are actually located outside the baby's body within the umbilical cord. Pancreas - Your baby is now equipped to deal with digestive enzymes and take on processing the insulin and glucagons the body needs to function.


Alicia said...

YAY! I cant believe your 7 weeks already!!
Where are your belly shots? Put them up in the bellies thread in PH!!

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