Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back in the wait again, with a new Dr.

So we are back in another 2ww again, this is the 4th round of Clomid and i cant even remember how many round sof actually just trying.
well,as you know, i had my first appointment with my new ob/gyn y-day, Dr Alwyn Dunn, with Monash IVF here on the Gold coast.and i was in there for 1hr 20mins!! he was great. he got my full history from what i had in paperwork and did a massive internal and an internal u/s. both good and bad things came out of it...turns out my cervix has been worked on during one of my opperations, he picked this up immediately when he went that is concerning...and he also saw a giant 35 mm follie on my left ovary and beleives i may not have O'd yet?! my temps went up higher than they are pre O though, except today they have plateau'd out again and i have some watery i dont know whats going on.we have a plan of action with him anyways, he said i am obviously responding well to clomid, so why stop a good thing. he is quite happy to keep me on clomid for up to 12 months since i seem to only need 50mg! and i will be MONITORED! every cycle which is fantastic.he was a bit weird about my other dr not monitoring me.he gave me a new sample thing for Aaron to get another s/a done before i see him again.the reason being is that there was such a great jump from the first results to the second and he wants to be able to eliminate he first one as a bad catch and that it is not as grim as we think.i think i will be going in for a lap to check for endometriosis at some stage once it is organised.(its very hard to get checked out for it in this state apparently)he wants me to have another round i think, monitored and see how it goes.all n all, he feels that with what i have given him, if Aaron's s/a comes back like the second, and i dont have too many issies with endometriosis, he has told me he feels absolutely positive that he will have me pregnant before long.he was really great, i hated his receptionist though! ugh BITCH!!my only other obsticle is that i have not renewed my private health insurance, and the wait to ob and gyno on it will be 12 months before i can use it(every fund in australia has 12 months wait)so we either have to take a 3 month break and me get the insurance and make sure i dont get preg, or we dont wait and go through the public health system, but i will be stuck with whoever i can get, or we will have to pay a good $5000-$15000 out of pocket to have this ob/gyn to deliver because he is private.i need to discuss it with him anyways, because i know i have to have a c-section regardless, which i'm not sure if it will change my circumstances.
I think, from what i hear that means that i will actually get to stay with the same Dr throughout the entire pregnancy and not get shorted because i will be high risk.

Anyways, aside from that, i got the call today to say i have been offered the job i have been after so thats fantastic! I am now offically employed by IBM Asia Pacific for the National Auatralia Bank. I start Monday and cant wait to see whats instore for me.
My news later...


Alicia said...

You know I'm thinking of you... and good luck today with the new job! WOOT!

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