Thursday, July 3, 2008

Turning over a new Leaf

This week we have started a new way of living.
Slowly but surely we are making the changes we need to make to help things move along a little better, health wise at least.
We now walk each day, twice when Aaron has the time when he is not at work. I will still try to go twice a day adding some running in there which i used to do every day and love so much. Its such a great release for me and lord knows i need it.
The exercise is easy, the only struggle is getting out in the cold. The food on the other hand...heh...this is where it gets really tough.
There are so many foods i am not supposed to eat.
Because of the PCOS, I am, from a Drs point of view, meant to be overweight.
I of course, never have been and have always been underweight really.So me needing to cut out foods and eat like i am on a diet is always tough because i dont have the weight to remind me not to do it.
I have cut out most carbs and sugars as they are what i really need to focus on not giving into.
I crave carbs and would live purely on them if i could, but unfortunately they are a big no-no with everything thats wrong with me. Likewise with sugars.
Now dont for a second think i am crazy and am trying to "loose weight" or anything, because i am not...
With PCOS comes the added risk of Diabetes.

I have 3 month GTT's done
(glucose tolerance test) and my last came back slightly bad.My insulin levels were shaky. Nothing too huge to worry about.But the fact that it has gone bad since the last time could be a sign of where it is heading.
My dr has offered to put me an Metformin (Diabetic meds) if i want to, but i have heard too often that the side effects (constant diarrhea and nausea) dont make you want to wake up and take them each day.
So, i decided against it for now, and just see if i can do this on my own, my next test is in August i think so i will re asses the situation then and decide if i will take them.
Until then, its closely monitoring what i each each day.
I'm certainly terrified of getting to the stage of full blown diabetes thats for sure.And i hope i can prevent it from ever happening.
Of course with my healthy eating, Aaron benefits as well. Although he is finding himself alot hungrier with the cut back of "filling" foods. But we can work out a happy medium somehow.
So for now, walking /running each day, cutting out the "white" foods and trying to increase both of our water intakes should do some good.
I'm still taking my iron treatments, and from the monthly blood test i get it looks as though the Dr has always been right and i will be on treatment for the rest of my life, which sucks.But i certainly dont want to be 40 with the memory of an 80 year old and forget who my husband and kids are.The new diet should hopefully help with the iron supplements too as they cause terrible constipation thats completely unbearable at times.
I have also come to discover, outside of the constipation from iron meds that i have IBS. so hooray *rolls eyes* one more thing to tick off the list. Its not typical running-to-the-bathroom-all-day-long which is at least a positive...things just dont work great down there from time to time.haha.
We both have to add more water to our diet, Aaron needs to for his boys to swim nice and freely.
All in all, i hope we BOTH start to feel the difference quickly so we stick at it and see it for what its worth.

...i did eat 2 chocolates tonight though :O
not that i feel any kind of great for it :(


Alicia said...

Hopefully all that helps you guys! Was hard to read with you talking on msn LMAO

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