Saturday, November 1, 2008

first scare...well technically 2nd!

I just had the worst scare ever!
My dr just rang me out of the blue on a saturday to basically tell me i was going to have a miscarriage!!
I freaked out.i said what??????????
He said your tests that i had done on tuesday were HCG 130 ...and the 2nd tests that you had done were sent to me (i had that one done through my GP but with the same lab to get a correct count) and he said, it has only come back at its going down...i freaked out again!
I said wait! your receptionist told me on wednesday that my levels were 36, and 130 was progesterone????he was adamant that they were 130. and that it had gone down...

...he then said, oh wait!, no they have labeled it wrong on this sheet that was sent to me. it was 36, progesterone 130.

I cant take anymore of this incompetance!!!!!
i had to do another test today and my line is nice and dark....but not even that makes me feel better anymore.


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